Boost Your Grades in Economics

Find out how my students achieved their dream results with me.

My Students Said

“Nelson was a super effective tutor who guided me through JC1 and JC2 Econs. He turned my grades around and I was very happy to receive an “A” grade for Economics for my “A” level.”

Darrel, CJC

“Nelson teaches intelligently, and makes sure that I understand my concepts well. After a 4-month crash course, I managed to turn my grade around from “U” to “A” for my “A” levels! Thank you, Nelson!”

Dominick, ACJC

“Nelson was very patient in explaining key aspect of Economics to me, making sure I understand them well. I scored a “6” for my IB exam. Thank you!”

Xin Yee, ACS(I)

“Nelson was able to clear all of my doubts about Micro and Macro-Economics and I was so happy to have received an “A” for my final exam!”

Brendan, SP

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