About Me

Economics is tough.

Make no mistake about that.

Students often think that it is just about writing as much content as they can remember.

But it requires very rigorous theoretical foundations, that are often based on Mathematics.

However, unlike Math or Science exams, a huge dose of flexibility is required to answering increasingly creative and tricky questions, and under extreme exam time pressure.

But there is no right or wrong answer?

I hear that often about Economics, as a tutor. And that’s incorrect.

It is more accurate to say that “some answers are more right than others”, which suggests tricky questions and a need for advanced, yet nuanced answers.

Otherwise, why would so many students struggle with Economics and seek help?

Sweat no more: Learn Economics with me.

My name is Nelson.

I graduated with a BSc. degree in Economics from NUS, and I have been teaching “A” level and IB Economics continuously since 2010.

My students have benefitted from my wealth of experience in teaching Economics, and from the special attention that I pay to each of them, to design lessons that maximise the effectiveness of each session.

All of these have also come together in my special set of notes, which you can download for free here, and assessment books that I purchase to practice questions on during lessons.

Need advice on how I can help you in Economics? Simply contact me now!

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