About Me

Straight-up answers from the tutor.

Who is JC Econs 101?

My name is Nelson, and I run my own private tuition service, specialising in “A” level Economics.

Where are your lessons held?

Wherever convenient and conducive for lessons.

In most cases, I travel to the students’ home at their request.

What is your teaching schedule like?

Weekday evenings, and weekends.

How much experience do you have in teaching?

I am a BSc. Economics graduate, and have been tutoring JC Economics students since 2010.

While I am currently a specialist in 1-1 private tutoring sessions, I used to teach at tuition centres in classes of up to 10 students in the past as well.

I have also offered tuition for the IB Economics syllabus as well as for various International Schools here.

What makes you different from other tutors?

Contacting me through this website will mean What You See, will be What You Will Get.

This is unlike traditional tuition agencies where there are many tutors of unknown quality that may be assigned to you for selection.

In addition, I do not teach many students at any given moment, so that I do not compromise on quality.

I started offering tuition services as an undergraduate, and I came to realise that many JC students needed help because:

  1. Large classroom sizes and lecture sessions caused many students to be “left behind”.
  2. Full-time teachers frequently lacked worldly experience outside of class and consequently “teach by the book” most of the time.

In my experience, Economics is best taught by those who are strongly engaged with the business and social world outside of schools, which I offer to a large extent in my classes.

Want to know more?

Just ask me!

In addition, I complement my lessons with my own set of notes that covers the entire “A” level Economics syllabus.

I don’t charge a cent for it – so do subscribe if you are interested in getting Economics notes for free.

Support me by “liking” the official Facebook page and receive regular updates on the latest going-ons!

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