Is it a good idea to study the notes before the teacher teaches it?

There is no hard and fast rule to this, but some factors off the top of your mind can aid you in deciding whether this would be good idea:

Do you have the time?

Bear in mind that reading something new ahead would likely require more effort and time than having someone explain to you in a lesson. With competing needs from other subjects and CCA, you may not have the luxury of doing that.

How much details do your notes contain?

If the notes are complete to the point where reading them on their own makes you comfortable already with the concepts and applications, then you would have a better advantage reading ahead, in understanding concepts before going to class.

Otherwise, you may have to wait still for your teacher’s explanation anyway to understand, which at best, results in sub-optimal use of your time, or worse, addle your understanding of the materials unnecessarily.

Do you often fall behind lesson schedules?

If so, making a commitment to reading ahead reduces the likelihood of falling behind, and even help to build your discipline in keeping to the lesson schedules.

One thing that’s always true.

Ultimately your teacher will provide guidance to how the notes should be used (To read beforehand? Or during/after lesson?).

And of course, you will still have to pay attention at lessons, whether or not you have read your notes beforehand, and be sure to take in information as they come, and be clear on concepts you do not understand.

For my readers, do you have other tips about reading up before lessons, to share with us? Feel free to leave comments below!

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